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Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi. 2004 Jul-Sep;108(3):628-34.

[Cervugid ovules in cervico-vaginal infections and cervix uteri precancerous conditions treatment].

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Maternitatea Cuza-Vodă Iaşi, Clinica a II-a Obstetrică şi Ginecologie.


This medicine was authorized by the National Drug Agency (ANM, Bucureşti) in 2001.


To evaluate the effectiveness and the tolerance to Cervugid-ovules, a preparation that combines the polyvalent local antiinflammatory action of chloramphenicol, metronidazole and nystatin with the effect of hydrocortisone acetate, an unspecific anti-inflammatory agent; they all are embedded in a Lipex-403, semisynthetic fat.


The evaluation of 500 patients ages between 15 and 85 years with genital infections, registered in the files of "Cl. II Obst. and Gynecology" of the Cuza-Vodă Hospital from Iaşi has been studied. We studied the subjective manifestations (local discomfort and pelvic pains, local burning and dryness,vulvovaginal itching and dyspareunia) and objective manifestations (vaginal and cervical secretion, the cytotest performed and colored though the Papanicolaou method and reported in the Bethesda system).


Healing of the subjective symptoms in 98%, healing of the leukorrhea--as a main objective symptom--in 95%; The Bethesda system cytotest was one of the inflammatory type in the most of the cases and there wew found in 85 cases: 6 ASCUS, 41 LSIL, and 37 HSIL. The use of Cervugid had a healing response in most of the cases when used in acute and chronic cervico-vaginal inflammatory processes. Cervugid may be considered as an important agent in the treatment of the precancerous affections af the cervix uteri on the following reasons: zhe cure of the infections caused by chlamydia, involved in the etiology of cervical neoplasms, the cure of the HPV infection under episome form, classified in the Bethesda system within the ASCUS, AGUS or LSIL classes. When the cytotest was in the HSIL class, a conization in the LLETZ method was performed.


Cervugid is conceived for those three main categories of pathogenic factors related to the etiology of cervico-vaginitis: microbia germs, protozoa and mycosis. In addition, it is active on chlamydia and mycoplasms, always sensitive to chloramphenicol therapy. That is why Cervugid with in local administration is indicated in the microbial, trichomoniasis and mycotic vaginitis caused by one category of pathogenic agents or by associated forms, in cervicitis, in the pelvic inflammatory processes (pelvic congestion, metritis, adnexitis, and inflammatory processes associated with benign or malignant tumors of the genital apparatus). The results obtained proved that Cervugid is highly effective medicine.

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