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Immunology. 2005 May;115(1):63-73.

Modulated interaction of the ERM protein, moesin, with CD93.

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Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Center for Immunology, University of California, Irvine, CA 92697, USA.


CD93 is a cell-surface glycoprotein that has been shown to influence defence collagen-enhanced Fc-receptor or CR1-mediated phagocytosis of suboptimally opsonized targets in vitro, and CD93-deficient mice are defective in the clearance of apoptotic cells in vivo. To investigate the mechanism of CD93 modulation of phagocytic activity, GST fusion proteins containing the 47 amino acid intracellular domain (GST-Cyto), or various mutants of the intracellular domain of CD93, were constructed and used to identify intracellular CD93-binding molecules. The intracellular protein moesin, well characterized for its role in linking transmembrane proteins to the cytoskeleton and in cytoskeletal remodelling, bound to GST-Cyto when either cell lysates or recombinant moesin were used as a source of interacting molecules. An association of moesin with CD93 within intact cells was confirmed by co-capping moesin with CD93 in human monocytes. The moesin-binding site on CD93 mapped to the first four positively charged amino acids in the juxtamembrane region of the CD93 cytoplasmic tail. Interestingly, deletion of the last 11 amino acids from the C terminus of CD93 (GST-Cyto-C11) dramatically increased moesin binding to the cytoplasmic tail of CD93 in the cell lysate assay, but not when the binding of purified recombinant moesin was assessed. Furthermore, moesin binding to CD93 was enhanced by the addition of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP(2)). Taken together, these data suggest that the interaction of moesin with the CD93 cytoplasmic domain is modulated by binding of other intracellular molecules to the C11 region and implies that a PIP(2) signalling pathway is involved in CD93 function.

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