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J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2005 Apr;16(4):347-53.

Changes in surface characteristics of dental resin composites after polishing.

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Department of Dental Biomaterials Science, College of Dentistry and Intellectual Biointerface Engineering Center, Seoul National University, Korea.


The objectives of this study were (1) to determine in vitro changes in surface roughness and color of dental resin composites after application of three finishing and polishing systems; (2) to evaluate the difference in color stability after immersion in a dye solution after polishing; and (3) to evaluate the effects of surface condition, especially roughness, on measured color depending on the color measuring geometries of specular component excluded (SCE) and specular component included (SCI). Color and surface roughness (R(a)) of resin composites of four brands of A2 shade and one brand of Yellow Enamel shade were measured after polymerization, after polishing with Enhance (Dentsply), Sof-Lex (3M ESPE), or Super-Snap (Shofu) composite finishing and polishing systems. Color was also measured after immersion in 2% methylene blue solution. Color was measured according to the CIELAB color scale. Color changes (DeltaE*(ab)) after polishing/staining and by the measuring geometry were calculated by the equation; DeltaE*(ab) = [(DeltaL*)(2) + (Deltaa*)(2) + (Deltab*)(2)](1/2). Ra value was measured with a surface roughness tester. DeltaE*(ab) and DeltaL* values after polishing and after staining varied among polishing systems when measured with SCE geometry. Composites polished with Super-Snap and Sof-Lex systems showed higher DeltaE*(ab) and DeltaL* values than those polished with Enhance polishing system with SCE geometry. DeltaE*(ab) and DeltaL* values between specimens with different surface conditions measured with SCE geometry were significantly higher than those with SCI (p < 0.01). Changes in R(a) value after polishing was insignificant in most cases.

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