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Nat Mater. 2005 Apr;4(4):329-34.

Quantum criticality and universal scaling of a quantum antiferromagnet.

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Condensed Matter Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6393, USA.


Quantum effects dominate the behaviour of many diverse materials. Of particular current interest are those systems in the vicinity of a quantum critical point (QCP). Their physical properties are predicted to reflect those of the nearby QCP with universal features independent of the microscopic details. The prototypical QCP is the Luttinger liquid (LL), which is of relevance to many quasi-one-dimensional materials. The magnetic material KCuF3 realizes an array of weakly coupled spin chains (or LLs) and thus lies close to but not exactly at the LL quantum critical point. By using inelastic neutron scattering we have collected a complete data set of the magnetic correlations of KCuF3 as a function of momentum, energy and temperature. The LL description is found to be valid over an extensive range of these parameters, and departures from this behaviour at high and low energies and temperatures are identified and explained.

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