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J Neurochem. 1992 Jun;58(6):2221-9.

Proligodendroblast antigen (POA), a developmental antigen expressed by A007/O4-positive oligodendrocyte progenitors prior to the appearance of sulfatide and galactocerebroside.

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Department of Microbiology, University of Connecticut Medical School, Farmington 06030.


Evidence is presented for the immunological identification of a developmental antigen appearing at a critical point in the oligodendroglial lineage. Specifically, monoclonal antibody A007 recognizes cells in the oligodendrocyte lineage at two distinct stages. Analyses of purified lipid standards and lipid extracts from galactocerebroside-positive (GalC+) oligodendrocytes by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, lipid dot blot, and immuno-TLC demonstrated that A007 recognizes sulfatide (SUL) and seminolipid. However, neither 35SO4 incorporation into SUL nor SUL accumulation could be detected in A007-positive cells lacking galactocerebroside (i.e., A007+GalC- progenitor cells) present early in development. These data suggest that A007 also recognizes an antigen, named proligodendroblast antigen (POA), that appears during the late stage of oligodendrocyte progenitor development prior to the expression by oligodendrocytes of SUL and GalC. We have previously reported that monoclonal antibody O4 also recognizes not only SUL and seminolipid, but in addition an antigen that appears prior to the expression of SUL and galactocerebroside. In the present study all A007+ cells were also O4+ (and vice versa), and the developmental patterns of the two antibodies appeared to be identical. We conclude that (1) A007 is similar or identical to O4 with respect to its antigenic specificity, and (2) during oligodendrocyte lineage progression both antibodies react first with antigen POA on the surface of the oligodendrocyte progenitor cell prior to the expression of SUL [i.e., A007+O4+(POA+)SUL-GalC- proligodendroblasts], and only later with SUL as terminally differentiating oligodendrocytes emerge (i.e., A007+O4+SUL+GalC+ oligodendrocytes).

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