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Mol Cell Biochem. 2005 Jan;268(1-2):45-51.

Effect of GRP75/mthsp70/PBP74/mortalin overexpression on intracellular ATP level, mitochondrial membrane potential and ROS accumulation following glucose deprivation in PC12 cells.

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Department of Cellular and Genetic Medicine, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Shanghai 200032, PR China.


Glucose regulated protein 75 (GRP75) is an important molecular chaperon belonged to the heat shock protein (HSP) family. To evaluate the effect of GRP75 overexpression on PC12 cells under glucose deprivation, cell viability and mitochondrial function of GRP75-overexpressing PC12 cells and the vector transfected control PC12 cells were monitored during glucose deprivation. Upon exposure to glucose deprivation, GRP75-overexpressing PC12 cells exhibited more moderate cell damage than control PC12 cells. Both of the two groups of cells showed a decreased ATP level following an early increase in the condition of glucose deprivation, and the mitochondrial potential were also reduced in the similar manner in the two groups of cells. Control PC12 cells showed an immediate and rapid increase in ROS accumulation after the onset of GD treatment, and this accumulation was slowed and reduced in GRP75-overexpressing PC12 cells. These findings suggested that GRP75 could inhibit the ROS accumulation, and it may be associated with the cytoprotective effect of GRP75 overexpression upon glucose deprivation.

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