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Fertil Steril. 2005 Feb;83(2):309-15.

Evaluation of two doses of recombinant luteinizing hormone supplementation in an unselected group of women undergoing follicular stimulation for in vitro fertilization.

Author information

BIOGENESI, Casa di Cura Villa Europa all'EUR, Rome, Italy.



To evaluate the efficacy of two doses of recombinant (r)LH, 75 IU (recommended) or 37.5 IU, for follicular stimulation and outcomes in a randomized cohort of IVF patients.


Randomized, prospective analysis.


Private hospital incorporating an established IVF center.


Women undergoing IVF who had a body mass index >18 or <35 and no abnormal karyotype, anovulation, oligomenorrhea, or any known endocrinopathy/illness.


Pituitary desensitization was achieved with triptorelin (0.1 mg SC), and gonadotropin stimulation was performed with either rFSH alone (group A) or in combination with rLH in one of two doses: 37.5 IU (group B) or 75 IU (group C), daily.


A range of endocrinologic, embryologic, clinical, and outcome parameters were evaluated.


With rLH supplementation there was a significant increase in the incidence of implantation (9% for rFSH only [group A] vs. 11% and 16% with 37.5 IU rLH and 75.0 IU rLH [groups B and C], respectively) and clinical pregnancy (19% vs. 23% and 31%) (P<.01 and P<.04, respectively), whereas there was no difference in the multiple pregnancy rates. There was a significant (P<.001) increase in the total units of rFSH used in proportion to the amount of rLH supplementation (2,645 U vs. 3,475 U and 3,681 U) and in the level of peripheral E(2) on the day of hCG administration (1,049 pg/mL vs. 1,640 pg/mL and 1,226 pg/mL) (P<.001). There was no significant between difference in mean age, numbers of oocytes recovered, basal and downregulation hormone levels, or the incidence of fertilization in the absence or presence of rLH supplementation, but a higher incidence of grade 1 to 2 embryos was observed when rLH was supplemented.


After pituitary desensitization, there was an increase in the incidence of implantation, clinical pregnancy, and delivery rates in patients stimulated with rFSH supplemented with rLH.

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