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Cerebellum. 2004;3(4):236-47.

Selective changes in the shapes of parasagittal bands of Aldoc (Zebrin) mRNA in the rat vermis of the cerebellum after repeated methamphetamine injections.

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Research Center for Genetic Information, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, 812-8582, Japan.


In the cerebellum the mossy and climbing projections, which excite Purkinje cells, display a parasagittal and striped organization. These projections also excite Zebrin (aldolase C: Aldoc) parasagittally. To evaluate the possibility that external stimuli can change the organization of the bands of Aldoc mRNA, we compared the effects of repeated methamphetamine administration on the Aldoc mRNA stripes in the four transverse (anterior, central, posterior and nodular) regions of the vermis with the effects on the glutamate transporter EAAT4 (SCL1A 6) mRNA stripes. In the posterior region the injections four times daily increased the fragmentation of the Aldoc mRNA stripes. The presence of a large amount of fragmentation (forty/cerebellum slice), was accompanied with large lateral dislocations of the Aldoc mRNA stripes. In the central and nodular regions, where the size of the stripe areas decreased significantly the stripes were dislocated laterally. The dislocations of the Aldoc mRNA bands did not occur after a single methamphetamine injection and thus repeated injections were necessary to change the distributions of the lateral bands. In contrast, the distributions of the SCL1A 6 mRNA stripes did not change, even though there was mild fragmentation (six/slice) of the SLC1A 6 mRNA stripes in the anterior region and decreases in the numbers (twelve/slice) in the nodular region. We concluded that excess dopamine selectively changes the location of the Aldoc mRNA compartments in the vermis while the SLC1A 6 mRNA stripes could be changed by other inputs and thus the specific transmitter system might change the specific compartment of the cerebellum.

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