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Vaccine. 2005 Feb 3;23(11):1374-83.

A novel intranasal Protollin-based measles vaccine induces mucosal and systemic neutralizing antibody responses and cell-mediated immunity in mice.

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McGill University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Tropical Medicine, Montreal General Hospital Research Institute, R3-103, 1650 Cedar Avenue, Montreal, Que., Canada H3G 1A4.


Protollin-MV is a vaccine produced by mixing split measles virus (MV) antigen with the novel adjuvant Protollin (Neisseria meningitidis outer membrane proteins non-covalently complexed with Shigella flexneri 2a lipopolysaccharide). Intranasal immunization of mice with two or three doses of Protollin-MV induces both serum IgG and mucosal IgA with strong neutralizing activity. There is a dose-dependent shift towards lower IgG1:IgG2a ratios and MV-specific IFNgamma production in splenocytes. Intranasal Protollin-MV can therefore induce systemic and mucosal neutralizing antibody responses as well as elicit a balanced TH1/TH2-type response.

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