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Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2005 Mar 10;104(1-2):117-27.

Expression patterns of chicken Toll-like receptor mRNA in tissues, immune cell subsets and cell lines.

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Enteric Immunology Group, G2D Stewart Building, Division of Immunology and Pathology, Institute for Animal Health, Compton Laboratory, Compton, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 7NN, UK.


The Toll-like receptor (TLR) family of cell surface molecules represent a major component of the pattern recognition system, which enables both vertebrates and invertebrates to detect invading microorganisms and mount an anti-microbial response. The TLR repertoire of mouse and man has been intensively studied and in this manuscript we report the identification of ESTs with homology to chTLR5 and chTLR7, and independently confirm the identification of chTLR 1/6/10 and 3 in the EST databases. We have determined the mRNA expression patterns for seven chicken TLRs (chTLR) in a wide range of chicken tissues, isolated immune cell types and cultured cells. Some of the chTLR were expressed in most tissues (chTLR1/6/10, chTLR3, chTLR4 and chTLR5), whereas others exhibited more restricted expression patterns (chTLR2 type 1, type 2 and chTLR7). Similarly distinct patterns of chTLR expression were seen with innate and adaptive immune cell types isolated from peripheral blood or spleen and with cultured cells of somatic or immunological origin. An understanding of the TLR repertoire for different tissues, immune cell subsets and cultured cell types allows more refined interpretation of immune induction in response to chicken pathogens.

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