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Plant J. 2005 Feb;41(3):400-11.

X-ray diffraction structure of a plant glycosyl hydrolase family 32 protein: fructan 1-exohydrolase IIa of Cichorium intybus.

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Laboratorium voor Analytische Chemie en Medicinale Fysicochemie, Faculteit Farmaceutische Wetenschappen, K.U. Leuven, E. Van Evenstraat 4, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium.


Fructan 1-exohydrolase, an enzyme involved in fructan degradation, belongs to the glycosyl hydrolase family 32. The structure of isoenzyme 1-FEH IIa from Cichorium intybus is described at a resolution of 2.35 A. The structure consists of an N-terminal fivefold beta-propeller domain connected to two C-terminal beta-sheets. The putative active site is located entirely in the beta-propeller domain and is formed by amino acids which are highly conserved within glycosyl hydrolase family 32. The fructan-binding site is thought to be in the cleft formed between the two domains. The 1-FEH IIa structure is compared with the structures of two homologous but functionally different enzymes: a levansucrase from Bacillus subtilis (glycosyl hydrolase family 68) and an invertase from Thermotoga maritima (glycosyl hydrolase family 32).

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