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Plant J. 2005 Feb;41(3):376-85.

HUA2 is required for the expression of floral repressors in Arabidopsis thaliana.

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Department of Biochemistry, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706-1544, USA.


The HUA2 gene acts as a repressor of floral transition. Lesions in hua2 were identified through a study of natural variation and through two mutant screens. An allele of HUA2 from Landsberg erecta (Ler) contains a premature stop codon and acts as an enhancer of early flowering 4 (elf4) mutants. hua2 single mutants, in the absence of the elf4 lesion, flower earlier than wild type under short days. hua2 mutations partially suppress late flowering in FRIGIDA (FRI )-containing lines, autonomous pathway mutants, and a photoperiod pathway mutant. hua2 mutations suppress late flowering by reducing the expression of several MADS genes that act as floral repressors including FLOWERING LOCUS C (FLC ) and FLOWERING LOCUS M (FLM ).

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