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Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2005 Mar;37(3):541-6.

The zinc finger transcription factor Growth factor independence 1 (Gfi1).

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Institut für Zellbiologie (Tumorforschung), IFZ, Virchowstrasse 173, D-45122 Essen, Germany.


Growth Factor Independence 1 (Gfi1) is a transcriptional repressor with a molecular weight between 47 and 55 kDa The protein has six C-terminal C2H2-type zinc-finger domains and a characteristic stretch of 20 amino acids, called the SNAG-domain, at its N-terminus. Expression of Gfi1 ranges from the hematopoietic and lymphoid system, to sensory epithelia, lung and parts of the CNS. Gene knock-out studies revealed that Gfi1 is essential for the development of granulocytes and plays a role in T-cell differentiation and macrophage-dependent cytokine production, indicating that this protein shares responsibility for different lines of defense against pathogens. Also, Gfi1 is required for the proper development of inner ear hair cells illustrated by ataxia and deafness in knock-out mice. While hereditary hearing loss has so far not been associated with Gfi1 malfunction, crippling mutations in the Gfi1 gene have been reported in patients suffering from neutropenia suggesting an important role of Gfi1 in this human disease.

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