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Genetica. 2004 Nov;122(3):239-44.

Mapping of the 18S and 5S ribosomal RNA genes in the fish Prochilodus argenteus Agassiz, 1829 (Characiformes, Prochilodontidae).

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Departamento de Genética e Evolucão, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Rodovia Washington Luiz, Km 235, Cx. Postal 676, 13565-905 São Carlos, SP, Brazil.


A single NOR-bearing chromosome pair was identified by silver nitrate staining in a previous study of the fish Prochilodus argenteus from the São Francisco River (MG, Brazil), with a third metacentric chromosome sporadically bearing active NOR. The present study focused on an analysis of the chromosomal localization of both the major (45S) and the minor (5S) rRNA genes using FISH. The use of the 18S rDNA probe confirmed the previous Ag-NOR sites interstitially located in a large metacentric pair and also identified up to three other sites located in the telomeric regions of distinct chromosomes, characterizing an interindividual variation of these sites. In addition, the 5S rDNA site was revealed adjacent to the major NOR site, identified at the end of the large Ag-NOR bearing metacentric chromosome. In a few metaphases, an additional weak hybridization signal was observed in a third chromosome, possibly indicating the presence of another 5S rDNA cluster. Despite a lower karyotype diversification (2n = 54 and FN = 108) often observed among species of Prochilodontidae, variations involving both 45S and 5S rRNA genes could play an important role in their chromosome diversification.

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