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Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2004 Nov;54(Pt 6):2155-62.

Burkholderia tropica sp. nov., a novel nitrogen-fixing, plant-associated bacterium.

Author information

Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Agrobiologia (EMBRAPA-Agrobiologia), km 47, Serop├ędica, 23851-970, CP 74505, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


In an ecological survey of nitrogen-fixing bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere and as endophytes of sugarcane, maize and teosinte plants in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, a new phylogenetically homogeneous group of N(2)-fixing bacteria was identified within the genus Burkholderia. This polyphasic taxonomic study included microscopic and colony morphology, API 20NE tests and growth on different culture media at different pH and temperatures, as well as carbon source assimilation tests and whole-cell protein pattern analysis. Analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences showed 99.2-99.9 % similarity within the novel species and 97.2 % similarity to the closest related species, Burkholderia sacchari. The novel species was composed of four distinct amplified 16S rDNA restriction analysis groups. The DNA-DNA reassociation values within the novel species were greater than 70 % and less than 42 % for the closest related species, B. sacchari. Based on these results and on many phenotypic characteristics, a novel N(2)-fixing species is proposed for the genus Burkholderia, Burkholderia tropica sp. nov., with the type strain Ppe8(T) (=ATCC BAA-831(T)=LMG 22274(T)=DSM 15359(T)). B. tropica was isolated from plants grown in geographical regions with climates ranging from temperate subhumid to hot humid.

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