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Chromosome Res. 2004;12(7):715-23.

High chromosome conservation detected by comparative chromosome painting in chicken, pigeon and passerine birds.

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Biological Research Institute, Saint-Petersburg State University, Oranienbaumskoie sch. 2, Stary Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg, 198504, Russia.


Chicken chromosome paints for macrochromosomes 1-10, Z, and the nine largest microchromosomes (Griffin et al. 1999) were used to analyze chromosome homologies between chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus: Galliformes), domestic pigeon (Columba livia: Columbiformes), chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs Passeriformes), and redwing (Turdus iliacus: Passeriformes). High conservation of syntenies was revealed. In general, both macro- and microchromosomes in these birds showed very low levels of interchromosomal rearrangements. Only two cases of rearrangements were found. Chicken chromosome 1 corresponds to chromosome 1 in pigeon, but to chromosomes 3 and 4 in chaffinch and chromosomes 2 and 5 in redwing. Chicken chromosome 4 was shown to be homologous to two pairs of chromosomes in the karyotypes of pigeon and both passerine species. Comparative analysis of chromosome painting data and the results of FISH with (TTAGGG)n probe did not reveal any correlation between the distribution of interstitial telomere sites (ITSs) and chromosome rearrangements in pigeon, chaffinch and redwing. In chaffinch, ITSs were found to co-localize with a tandem repeat GS (Liangouzov et al. 2002), monomers of which contain an internal TTAGGG motif.

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