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Ultrason Sonochem. 2005 Mar;12(4):271-6.

Effect of sonication on the photo-catalytic mineralization of some chlorinated organic compounds.

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Department of Applied Chemistry, Shibaura Institute of Technology, 3-9-14, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8548, Japan.


Effects of the irradiation of ultrasound (US) on the photo-catalytic mineralization of some chlorinated organic compounds such as dichloroethane, tri- and tetrachloroethylenes, chloroacetic acids and chloromethanes were examined in oxygen saturated aqueous solutions suspended titanium dioxide (P25) particles. The yields of the sonochemical mineralization for these compounds were found to be extremely low compared to the photo-catalysis. However, the pre-sonication, US irradiation on the sample solution before the photo-irradiation, enhanced significantly the following photo-catalytic degradation to the complete oxidation. The effect was investigated in detail and it was found that the effect was mainly owing to the increase in the capability of the catalysis of which particles were sparsely dispersed by the sonication. The other contribution of the pre-sonication effect was found to be "pre-sonolysis", the initial formation of some intermediated products sonochemically, which are oxidizable more rapidly further to carbon dioxide than the original compound by the following photo-catalytic reactions. The pre-sonolysis effect was observed remarkably for trichloroacetic acid and tetrachloromethane, both of which are known to be hardly reactive to the photo-catalytic degradation. The photo-catalytic degradation with simultaneous sonication were also carried out for these compounds. The synergetic effect in the mineralization was observed both for carbontetrachloride and for trichloroacetic acid, the higher carbon dioxide yield being obtained in the simultaneous reaction than the sum of the yields in the photo-catalysis and the sonolysis each alone, while no significant synergetic effect was observed in the mineralization of other compounds.

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