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Oncogene. 1992 Feb;7(2):289-93.

Molecular cloning of the human cDNA for a stimulatory GDP/GTP exchange protein for c-Ki-ras p21 and smg p21.

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Department of Biochemistry, Kobe University School of Medicine, Japan.


We have previously purified smg GDP dissociation stimulator (GDS) from bovine brain and isolated its cDNA from a bovine brain cDNA library. smg GDS stimulates the GDP/GTP exchange reaction of a group of small GTP-binding proteins (G proteins), including at least c-Ki-ras p21, smg p21A, smg p21B, rhoA p21 and rhoB p21, by stimulating the dissociation of GDP from and the subsequent binding of GTP to each small G protein. In this study, we have isolated and sequenced the cDNA of smg GDS from a human brain cDNA library using the cloned bovine smg GDS cDNA. The cDNA has an open reading frame encoding a protein of 558 amino acids with a calculated Mr value of 61,122. Human smg GDS shares 93% nucleotide and 96% amino acid sequence homologies with bovine smg GDS. The isolated cDNA is expressed in Escherichia coli, and the encoded protein shows the physical and functional properties similar to those of bovine smg GDS.

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