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Virology. 1992 Apr;187(2):671-81.

The nucleotide sequence and genome organization of the RNA2 and RNA3 segments in broad bean mottle virus.

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Northern Illinois University, Department of Biological Sciences, DeKalb 60115.


Complete nucleotide sequences of broad bean mottle virus (BBMV) genomic RNAs 2 and 3 were determined. They consist of 2811 and 2293 nucleotides, respectively. Both RNAs are caped and, unlike in other tricornaviruses, both initiate with an A residue. BBMV RNA2 is monocistronic and encodes an 815 amino acid 2a protein, whereas RNA3 is dicistronic, encoding for a 295 amino acid 3a protein and for the 190 amino acid coat protein. A central, 423 amino acid 2a protein core region is highly homologous among the three bromoviruses, whereas both N- and C-termini are more heterologous. Most of the homologies among 3a proteins are concentrated within the N-termini two-thirds of the molecule that is predominantly hydrophobic, whereas the C-terminal one-third contains a large number of charged amino acids. The homologies among coat proteins are clustered within several mostly hydrophobic, or neutral, domains. The 5' noncoding region of the RNA2 has 110 nucleotides, whereas that of RNA3 contains 330 nucleotides. As in cowpea chlorotic mottle virus, but unlike in Brome mosaic virus, the 5' noncoding region includes subgenomic promoter-like sequences. The BBMV RNA3 intercistronic region also has subgenomic promoter sequences and contains a long poly(A) stretch. At the 3' end, BBMV RNAs 2 and 3 have 257 and 236 noncoding nucleotides, respectively.

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