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J Dermatol. 1977 Dec;4(6):245-9.

Inactivation mechanism of tyrosinase in mouse melanoma.

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Department of Dermatology, Tohoku University School of Medicine, Sendai, Miyagi 980, Japan.


Tyrosinase [EC] isolated from mouse melanoma was inactivated during the dopa-tyrosinase reaction. When ascorbate was added to the reaction system, in which dopa-quinone is immediately converted back to dopa by ascorbate thus preventing the formation of melanin, tyrosinase inactivation similarly occurred. If superoxide anions (O2-) or singlet oxygens (1O2), are generated during the reaction they can attack the enzyme protein to be inactivated. Therefore an estimate was made with scavengers for oxygen radicals and with a liquid scintillation counter but neither was detectable. Thus the inactivation involved is not due to reaction products nor oxygen.

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