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J Physiol. 2004 Nov 15;561(Pt 1):133-47. Epub 2004 Sep 23.

Bimodal role of conventional protein kinase C in insulin secretion from rat pancreatic beta cells.

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Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Gunma University, Maebashi 371-8512, Japan.


The present study was conducted to evaluate the role of conventional protein kinase C (PKC) in calcium-evoked insulin secretion. In rat beta cells transfected with green fluorescent protein-tagged PKC-alpha (PKC-alpha-EGFP), a depolarizing concentration of potassium induced transient elevation of cytoplasmic free calcium ([Ca(2)(+)](c)), which was accompanied by transient translocation of PKC-alpha-EGFP from the cytosol to the plasma membrane. Potassium also induced transient translocation of PKC-theta-EGFP, the C1 domain of PKC-gamma and PKC-epsilon-GFP. A high concentration of glucose induced repetitive elevation of [Ca(2)(+)](c) and repetitive translocation of PKC-alpha-EGFP. Diazoxide completely blocked both elevation of [Ca(2)(+)](c) and translocation of PKC-alpha-EGFP. We then studied the role of conventional PKC in calcium-evoked insulin secretion using rat islets. When islets were incubated for 10 min with high potassium, Go-6976, an inhibitor of conventional PKC, and PKC-alpha pseudosubstrate fused to antennapedia peptide (Antp-PKC(19-31)) increased potassium induced secretion. Similarly, insulin release induced by high glucose for 10 min was enhanced by Gö-6976 and Antp-PKC(19-31). However, when islets were stimulated for 60 min with high glucose, both Gö-6976 and Antp-PKC(19-31) reduced glucose-induced insulin secretion. Similar results were obtained by transfection of dominant-negative PKC-alpha using adenovirus vector. Taken together, PKC-alpha is activated when cells are depolarized by a high concentration of potassium or glucose. Conventional PKC is inhibitory on depolarization-induced insulin secretion per se, but it also augments glucose-induced secretion.

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