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Plant Biol (Stuttg). 2004 Sep;6(5):555-61.

Nuclear DNA amounts in 112 species of tropical hardwoods -- new estimates.

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Division of Genetics and Plant Breeding, National Botanical Research Institute, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow-226001, U.P., India.


The 4C DNA values of 112 species, belonging to 37 families have a range from 0.83 pg (Bixa orellana) to 15.54 pg (Thryallis angustifolia), showing a 18.72-fold variation. The genome size varies from 0.21 pg (Bixa orellana) to 3.32 (Thespesia populnea), with a 15.8-fold difference. The Bombacaceae has the minimum range (1.08-fold) of variation, while the maximum (5.0-fold) is shown by the Fabaceae. The Boraginaceae, Lauraceae, Malpighiaceae, and Malvaceae generally have higher 4C DNA values of > 10 pg, while the Bixaceae, Caricaceae, Oxalidaceae, and Santalaceae have lower values of < 2.0 pg. These data add further to our knowledge on variation in DNA amount in tropical hardwoods.

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