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Trends Plant Sci. 2004 Aug;9(8):391-8.

Weed genomics: new tools to understand weed biology.

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Department of Plant Sciences, 2431 Joe Johnson Drive, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996, USA.


In spite of the large yield losses that weeds inflict on crops, we know little about the genomics of economically important weed species. Comparative genomics between plant model species and weeds, map-based approaches, genomic sequencing and functional genomics can play vital roles in understanding and dissecting weedy traits of agronomically important weed species that damage crops. Weed genomics research should increase our understanding of the evolution of herbicide resistance and of the basic genetics underlying traits that make weeds a successful group of plants. Here, we propose specific weed candidates as genomic models, including economically important plants that have evolved herbicide resistance on several occasions and weeds with good comparative genomic qualities that can be anchored to the genomics of Arabidopsis and Oryza sativa.

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