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Plant Mol Biol. 1992 May;19(2):343-9.

Import and processing of the precursor form of the gamma subunit of the chloroplast ATP synthase from tobacco.

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Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK.


A cDNA clone encoding the complete precursor of the gamma subunit of chloroplast ATP synthase has been isolated from a tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) leaf cDNA library in lambda gt11. The 1.4 kb insert encodes a polypeptide of 377 amino acid residues, of which 55 residues constitute an N-terminal presequence and 322 residues make up the mature gamma subunit. Hybridisation of the cDNA to Southern blots of tobacco genomic DNA indicates the presence of two genes in the haploid genome. Transcription and translation of the cDNA in vitro produced a protein of 41 kDa which was imported by isolated pea chloroplasts and processed to the mature 36 kDa subunit. The gamma subunit precursor was processed to the mature size by a processing peptidase of 180 kDa present in pea stromal extracts.

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