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Brain Res. 2004 Sep 24;1021(2):277-80.

Circadian and cAMP-dependent modulation of retinal cone cGMP-gated channels does not require protein synthesis or calcium influx through L-type channels.

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Department of Biology and Biochemistry and Biological Clocks Program, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-5001, USA.


Circadian oscillators of chicken retinal cone photoreceptors modulate the gating properties of cGMP-gated channels (CNGCs) such that they have a higher apparent affinity for cGMP during the subjective night. This effect is driven in part by cAMP, which acts through Erk MAP kinase to initiate a cascade leading to modulation of CGNCs. Here, we show that cAMP effects on the gating properties CNGCs persist when protein synthesis is blocked. The effects is cAMP also persist when calcium influx through L-type channels is blocked by nitrendipine. The mechanisms whereby cAMP modulates CNGCs therefore differ from those previously reported to underline regulation of melatonin synthesis and secretion.

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