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Cell Mol Life Sci. 2004 Aug;61(16):2083-91.

HAb18G/CD147-mediated calcium mobilization and hepatoma metastasis require both C-terminal and N-terminal domains.

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  • 1Cell Engineering Research Center, Fourth Military Medical University, 710032, Xi'an, China.


HAb18G/CD147 is a heavily glycosylated protein containing two immunoglobulin superfamily domains. Our previous studies have indicated that overexpression of HAb18G/CD147 enhances metastatic potentials in human hepatoma cells by disrupting the regulation of store-operated Ca2+ entry by nitric oxide (NO)/cGMP. In the present study, we investigated the structure-function of HAb18G/CD147 by transfecting truncated HAb18G/CD147 fragments into human 7721 hepatoma cells. The inhibitory effect of HAb18G/CD147 on 8-bromo-cGMP-regulated thapsigargin-induced Ca2+ entry was reversed by the expression of either C or N terminus truncated HAb18G/CD147 in T7721deltaC and T7721deltaN cells, respectively. The potential effect of HAb18G/CD147 on metastatic potentials, both adhesion and invasion capacities, of hepatoma cells was abolished in T7721deltaC cells, but not affected in T7721deltaN cells. Release and activation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), MMP-2 and MMP-9, were found to be enhanced by the expression of HAb18G/CD147, and this effect was abolished by both truncations. Thapsigargin significantly enhanced release and activation of MMPs (MMP-2 and MMP-9) in non-transfected 7721 cells, and this effect was negatively regulated by SNAP. However, no effects of thapsigargin or SNAP were observed in T7721 cells, and expression of HAb18G/CD147 enhanced secretion and activation of MMPs at a stable and high level. Taken together, these results suggest that both ectodomain and intracellular domains of HAb18G/CD147 are required to mediate the effect of HAb18G/CD147 on the secretion and activation of MMPs and metastasis-related processes in human hepatoma cells by disrupting the regulation of NO/cGMP-sensitive intracellular Ca2+ mobilization although each domain may play different roles.

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