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J Am Chem Soc. 2004 Aug 25;126(33):10355-63.

Optimizing saccharide-directed molecular delivery to biological receptors: design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of glycodendrimer-cyclodextrin conjugates.

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Contribution from the Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas, CSIC, Américo Vespucio 49, Isla de la Cartuja, E-41092 Seville, Spain.


Dendritic beta-cyclodextrin (betaCD) derivatives bearing multivalent mannosyl ligands have been prepared and assessed for their binding efficiency toward the tetrameric plant lectin concanavalin A (Con A) and a mammalian mannose/fucose specific cell surface receptor from macrophages. The synthetic strategy exploits the reactivity between isothiocyanate and amine functionalities for the high-yielding assembly via thioureido links of the various building blocks, including host, spacer, branching, and carbohydrate ligand elements. The methodology has been applied to the preparation of a series of betaCD-polymannoside scaffolds differing in the ligand valency and geometry. This series allowed us to explore: (i) The effects of the glycodendritic architecture on the binding efficiency; (ii) the mutual influence between the cyclodextrin core and the glycodendritic moieties on the molecular inclusion and lectin-binding properties; and (iii) the consequence of inclusion complex formation, using the anticancer drug docetaxel (Taxotère) as a target guest, on biological recognition. Our results confirm the high drug solubilization capability of this new type of betaCD-dendrimer construct and indicate that subtle changes in the architecture of the conjugate may have important consequences on receptor affinity. Interestingly, the host-guest interaction can be monitored to build up supramolecular dynamic glycoclusters with increased lectin affinity. Alternatively, the information obtained from the structure-lectin-binding avidity-inclusion capability studies has been put forward in the design of very efficient molecular transporters for docetaxel based on glycodendritic CD dimers.

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