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Int J Cardiol. 2004 Aug;96(2):285-6.

Differential electrocardiographic artifact from implanted thalamic stimulator.


Electrocardiographic (ECG) artifacts may interfere in ECG interpretation. Body movement, tremors, poor skin-electrode contact, recorder malfunction, electromagnetic interference and implantable electronic devices are the main reasons for ECG artifacts. Transcutaneous nerve and implanted spinal cord stimulators have been reported to result in ECG artifacts. With availability of newer implantable electronic devices, different ECG artifact patterns are being seen. Tremor control device is a newer implanted device used for suppression of tremors in patients with essential tremors or Parkinsonian tremors not adequately controlled by medications and where the tremor causes a significant functional incapacity. A differential pattern of ECG artifacts due to use of an implanted tremor control device is reported.

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