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Dev Dyn. 2004 Aug;230(4):781-6.

Expression of zebrafish six1 during sensory organ development and myogenesis.

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Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, The National University of Singapore, Singapore.


Drosophila sine oculis homologous genes in vertebrates are homeobox-containing transcription factors functioning within the Pax-Six-Eya-Dach regulatory network during development. In this study, we describe the cloning and expression of a zebrafish homolog of sine oculis, six1. The reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction demonstrated accumulation of six1 transcripts at mid-gastrula, and in situ hybridization showed their subsequent expression in the cranial placode and later in the olfactory, otic, and lateral line placodes, inner ear, and neuromasts. In addition, six1 is expressed in the pituitary, branchial arches, somites, pectoral fin, ventral abdomen muscle, and the cranial muscles of the eye and lower jaw. An increase of six1 expression was observed in the lateral line, muscles, and inner ear of the mind bomb mutant, illustrating a regulatory effect of the Notch pathway on expression of Six genes.

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