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Glycoconj J. 2004;20(6):399-406.

Alteration in N -acetylglucosaminyltransferase activities and glycan structure in tissue and bile glycoproteins from extrahepatic bile duct carcinoma.

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Department of General Surgery, Zhong-Shan Hospital, Fu-Dan University, Shanghai, China.


The activities of three N -acetylglucosaminyltransferases (GnT)-III, IV and V, as well as the structural alterations of N-glycans on the glycoproteins in cancer tissues and bile specimens from 28 cases of extrahepatic bile duct carcinoma (EBDC) were compared with those from 18 cases of benign biliary duct diseases (BBDD). GnT activities were determined with fluorescence-labeled substrate using a HPLC method. It was found that GnT-III and GnT-V activities in EBDC were increased to 3.14 and 15.96 times respectively of the mean BBDD values, but GnT-IV remained unchanged. The activity of GnT-V was correlated with the grade of differentiation and TMN stage of EBDC. The up-regulation of GnT-III resulted in the increased bisecting-GlcNAc on the N-glycans of glycoproteins in cancer tissues and a 201 kDa bile glycoprotein when analyzed with HRP-labeled E(4)-PHA. The increased GnT-V activity led to the elevation of the beta1,6GlcNAc branch (or antennary number) on the N-glycans in cancer tissue glycoproteins and 201, 163, 122 kDa proteins in the bile as probed with HRP-labeled DSA. These findings suggest that the alteration in GnT activities may be involved in the malignant transformation and development of EBDC, resulting in the aberrant glycosylation of some tissue and bile proteins. The latter was expected to be used in the clinical diagnosis and prognosis evaluation in EBDC patients.

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