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Teratology. 1992 Sep;46(3):237-50.

Prevention of tilorone developmental toxicity with progesterone.

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Safety Pharmacology, Upjohn Company, Kalmazoo, Michigan 49001.


The immunomodulator tilorone hydrochloride was administered (gastric intubation) once to time-pregnant Upj:TUC(SD)spf (Sprague-Dawley) rats in four experiments. In experiment 1, tilorone (250 or 500 mg/kg) was administered on day 10 of gestation. The dams were killed 4 or 72 hr after dosing. Interferon-like activity and drug levels were determined in maternal blood, spleen, and thymus, as well as in the embryos. In experiment 2, the test groups received progesterone (2 mg/kg), or tilorone (200 or 400 mg/kg), or progesterone and tilorone. The dams from each group were killed 24 or 48 hr after receiving tilorone. Experiment 3 was similar to experiment 2, except that the dams were killed on gestation day 20. In experiment 4, tilorone (400 mg/kg) was administered on gestation day 17, 18, or 19, and the dams were killed 24 hr after dosing or on gestation day 20. In all four experiments, tilorone-related maternal toxicity (regardless of whether progesterone also was administered) was observed, as characterized by marked decreases in weight gain, the occurrence of clinical signs, and in experiment 1 by decreased thymus weights, 72 hr post-dosing. Dose-related increases in the mean number of dead embryos and in serum interferon titers occurred 72 hr postdosing. In experiment 2, there was an increase in the number of dams in the 400-mg/kg (tilorone only) group with dead embryos only, 24 hr postdosing; similar results occurred in both the 200- and 400-mg/kg groups, 48 hr postdosing. However, in the groups that also received progesterone, a partial prevention of such embryolethality was evident. In experiment 3, embryotoxicity again was observed in both tilorone-treated groups, whereas several of the dams that were also given progesterone through day 19 of gestation experienced at least a partial prevention of the embryolethal effects of tilorone. In experiment 4, no fetotoxicity was observed despite the severe maternal toxicity evident.

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