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Int J Cancer. 1992 Sep 9;52(2):279-85.

Influence of glucose on metabolism and growth of rat glioma cells (C6) in multicellular spheroid culture.

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Max-Planck-Institut für Systemphysiologie, Dortmund, Germany.


The metabolism and growth of rat glioma C6 cells in multicellular spheroid culture depended strongly on the glucose supply. A low glucose level (0.1 g/l) in the culture medium reduced lactate production, increased oxygen consumption and diminished hydrogen ion production under normoxia as well as hypoxia. A high glucose level (10 g/l glucose) increased lactate production, had no significant influence on oxygen consumption and increased the hydrogen ion production under hypoxia. Hydrogen ion release from cells under normoxic and hypoxic conditions could be significantly diminished by amiloride (l mM), indicating the involvement of the Na+/H+ exchanger. The growth of the C6 spheroids was enhanced under low glucose conditions, possibly due to the more physiological extracellular pH in the deeper regions of the spheroids. The growth was inhibited under high glucose conditions, which seemed to be toxic due to a massive hydrogen production giving acidosis. The glucose supply strongly influenced the local hydrogen ion production inside the C6 spheroids and this might in turn lead to changes in the response to different therapeutic modalities.

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