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Thromb Haemost. 2004 Jun;91(6):1097-104.

The effects of long-term diet and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on coagulation factor VII and serum phospholipids with special emphasis on the R353Q polymorphism of the FVII gene.

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The University College of Akershus, Lillestrøm, Norway.


The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of long-term diet and very long chain n-3 fatty acids (VLC n-3) intervention on plasma coagulation factor VII (FVII), choline-containing phospholipids (PC) and triglycerides (TG), especially related to the R353Q polymorphism of the FVII gene. The present investigation included 219 subjects from the Diet and Omega-3 Intervention Trial on atherosclerosis (DOIT), a 2x2 factorial designed study in elderly men with long-standing hypercholesterolemia. The subjects were randomly allocated to receive placebo capsules (corn oil) (control), placebo capsules and dietary advice ("Mediterranean type" diet), VLC n-3 capsules, or VLC n-3 capsules and dietary advice combined. The R353Q genotype and the levels of FVIIc, FVIIag, FVIIa, PC, and TG at baseline and after 6 months were determined. Diet intervention was followed by a significant reduction of 5.1% in the levels of FVIIag and 2.4 mU/ml in FVIIa (95% CI -7.4, -2.9, and -3.8, -1.1, respectively) (both p<0.001) compared to the no diet group, independent of genotype. No effects of diet intervention on FVIIc, PC or TG were observed. After VLC n-3 supplementation the TG levels were significantly reduced compared to placebo (p=0.01), whereas all FVII levels and PC remained unchanged. Dietary advice towards a "Mediterranean type" diet, but not VLC n-3 supplementation, was shown to reduce the levels of FVIIag and FVIIa after 6 months, independent of genotype. The results indicate the dietary advice to be more favourable in reducing this risk factor for CVD as compared to specific VLC n-3 supplementation.

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