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Vaccine. 2004 Jun 2;22(17-18):2122-8.

Sequence variation in pertussis S1 subunit toxin and pertussis genes in Bordetella pertussis strains used for the whole-cell pertussis vaccine produced in Poland since 1960: efficiency of the DTwP vaccine-induced immunity against currently circulating B. pertussis isolates.

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Department of Sera and Vaccines Evaluation, National Institute of Hygiene, Chocimska Street 24, 00-791 Warsaw, Poland.


The present study indicates that the appearance of the B. pertussis harbouring prn2 gene allele variant (not found among clinical isolates before 1990s) may have been induced by long-term vaccination in Poland with DTP-composed vaccine strains presenting exclusively prn1. However, ptxS1A allele of pertussis toxin subunit S1 encoding gene, predominant in the currently isolated B. pertussis strains, has been found in vaccine strains used for whole-cell pertussis component (wP) production of DTP vaccine in 1960-1978. This outrules the possibility that the appearance of ptxSIA allele might be related to vaccine pressure driven by non-ptxS1A vaccine strains used for long-term immunization with wP. Intranasal challenge animal model testing the efficiency of the clearance of B. pertussis strains harbouring different ptxS1/prn allele gene combinations revealed that currently produced DTwP vaccine may not contain adequate B. pertussis vaccine strains, since isolates with gene variants different from those observed in vaccine strains were eliminated from the lungs of the immunized animals with lower efficiency.

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