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Plant Cell Physiol. 2004 Apr;45(4):398-406.

Flowering of Arabidopsis cop1 mutants in darkness.

Author information

Division of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University, N10 W8, Sapporo, 060-0810 Japan.


To elucidate the role of the COP1 gene in flowering, we analyzed flowering of cop1 mutant lines in darkness. When grown in the presence of 1% (w/v) sucrose, the cop1-6 mutant flowered in darkness, but cop1-1 and cop1-4 did not. However, cop1-1 and cop1-4 flowered in darkness when grown in the presence of 5% (w/v) sucrose. Therefore, the COP1 gene represses not only photomorphogenesis in seedlings but also flowering in darkness. Comparison of mRNAs levels of floral identity genes in cop1-6 and wild-type plants grown in darkness revealed increased mRNA levels of genes that act downstream of CO and reduced FLC mRNA level in cop1-6. Double mutants of cop1-6 and each of the late-flowering mutations cry2-1, gi-2, co-1, and ld-1 flowered in darkness. All of the double mutants except cry2-1 cop1-6 flowered later than cop1-6, demonstrating that cop1-6 is epistatic to cry2-1 for early flowering. The ld-1 cop1-6 double mutant flowered much earlier than the ld-1 mutant. The delay in flowering in the double mutants was not strongly influenced by the light conditions, whereas that of the gi-2 cop1-6 double mutant was reduced in darkness.

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