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Plant J. 2004 May;38(3):526-38.

DISTORTED2 encodes an ARPC2 subunit of the putative Arabidopsis ARP2/3 complex.

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Agronomy Department, Purdue University, Lilly Hall, 915 West State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054, USA.


Arabidopsis trichomes are unicellular, branched structures that have highly constrained requirements for the cytoskeleton. The 'distorted group' genes function downstream from microtubule-based branch initiation, and are required during the actin-dependent phase of polarized stalk and branch expansion. Of the eight known 'distorted group' genes, a subset encode homologs of ARP2/3 complex subunits. In eukaryotic cells, the seven-protein ARP2/3 complex nucleates actin filament networks that push on the plasma membrane and organelles. In plants cells, the existence and function of an ARP2/3 complex is unclear. In this paper, we report that DISTORTED2 (DIS2) encodes a paralogue of the ARP2/3 complex subunit ARPC2. DIS2 has ARPC2 activity, based on its ability to rescue the growth defects of arpc2 (arc35Delta) null yeast cells. Like known ARPC2s, DIS2 physically interacts with ARPC4. Mutations in DIS2 cause a distorted trichome phenotype, defects in cell-cell adhesion, and a modest reduction in shoot FW. The actin cytoskeleton in dis2 trichomes is extensive, but developing branches fail to generate and maintain highly organized cytoplasmic actin bundles.

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