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Anal Sci. 2004 Mar;20(3):553-6.

Voltammetric study of the transfer of fluoride ion at the nitrobenzene / water interface assisted by tetraphenylantimony.

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Department of Bioscience, Fukui Prefectural University, Matsuoka-cho, Fukui 910-1195, Japan.


The transfer of F- ion assisted by an organometallic complex cation tetraphenylantimony (TPhSb+) across the polarized nitrobenzene / water (NB / W) interface has been studied by means of ion-transfer voltammetry. A well-defined voltammetric wave was observed within the potential window at the NB / W interface when tetraphenylantimony tetrakis(4-chlorophenyl) borate and F- ion were present in NB and W, respectively. The voltammogram can be interpreted as being due to the reversible transfer of F- ion assisted by the formation of the TPhSbF complex through the coordination of F- to Sb atom in NB. The formal formation constant of TPhSbF in NB has been determined to be 10(1.95 +/- 0.2 M(-1). No voltammetric wave due to the TPhSb(+)-assisted transfer of other anions such as Cl-, Br, I-, NO3-, CH3COO- and H2PO4(-) ions has been observed within the potential window.

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