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Int J Mol Med. 2004 May;13(5):697-703.

Metabolism of 13C-enriched D-fructose in hepatocytes from Goto-Kakizaki rats.

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Laboratory of Experimental Hormonology, Brussels Free University, B-1070 Brussels, Belgium.


This study aims at assessing the conversion of exogenous D-[1-13C]fructose, D-[2-13C]fructose or D-[6-13C]-fructose (10 mM) to 13C-enriched and either hydrogenated or deuterated D-glucose, L-lactate and L-alanine released by rat liver cells prepared from Goto-Kakizaki rats and incubated for 120 min in the presence of unlabelled D-glucose (also 10 mM) and D2O. The results of this study are relevant to the relative contribution of fructokinase and hexokinase isoenzyme to the phosphorylation of D-fructose, the capacity of D-glucose to confer to glucokinase positive cooperativity towards D-fructose, the circulation of D-fructose 6-phosphate in the pentose phosphate pathway, the regulation of the cytosolic NADD/NADH ratio, the respective fate of D-fructose-derived D-glyceraldehyde and dihydroxyacetone phosphate, the deuteration of fructose-derived glycolytic intermediates at the phosphoglucoisomerase, phosphomannoisomerase, enolase, pyruvate kinase and glutamate-alanine transaminase levels, and the unequal generation of L-[1-13C]lactate by cells exposed to D-[1-13C]fructose or D-[6-13C]fructose versus D-[2-13C]-fructose.

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