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Genome. 2004 Feb;47(1):9-14.

Genetic characterization of a novel Tib-derived variant of soybean Kunitz trypsin inhibitor detected in wild soybean (Glycine soja).

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Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Morioka, Japan.


A novel variant of soybean Kunitz trypsin inhibitor (SKTI) was detected in 530 lines of wild soybean (Glycine soja). This variant showed an intermediate electrophoretic mobility between the Tia and Tic types. In isoelectric focusing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis gels containing urea, this variant had a similar isoelectric point as that of Tia. The genetic analysis of SKTI bands in F2 seeds from crosses of the new variant type with Tia or Tic type showed that this variant type is controlled by a codominant allele at the SKTI locus. We propose the genetic symbol Tif for this novel variant. When the nucleotide sequence of the Tif gene was compared with those of other types of SKTI genes (Tia, Tib, and Tic), the sequence of Tif was identical to that of Tib with the exception of one A-->G transitional mutation occurring at position 676 of Tif. This mutation resulted in an amino acid change from Lys to Glu at the 178 residue. These results suggest that this variant is derived from Tib through a point mutation. In addition, we settled an inconsistency in the number of amino acid differences between Tia and Tib (eight or nine). Analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences revealed that Tib was different from Tia by nine amino acids.

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