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J Comp Neurol. 2004 Apr 19;472(1):73-86.

The population of bipolar cells in the rabbit retina.

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Department of Natural Sciences, York College, City University of New York, Jamaica, New York 11451, USA.


The population of bipolar cells in the rabbit retina was studied using Golgi impregnation and photocatalyzed filling of single cells with dihydrorhodamine, a quantitative sampling technique. The Golgi method revealed the morphology and stratification of cells in detail. The photofilling method allowed us to estimate the frequency of the cell types. From a sample of 243 Golgi-impregnated bipolar cells and 107 photofilled cells, we identified 1 type of rod bipolar cell and 12 types of cone bipolar cells. An analysis based on retinal coverage indicates that this number of types could be contained within the number of bipolar cells known to exist. The dendrites of most cone bipolars contacted all the cones within the individual cone bipolar cell's dendritic field. Types of bipolar cell were encountered at roughly similar frequency, without any one type predominating. The rabbit retina thus contains about a dozen parallel and roughly equipotent through-pathways.

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