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Hepatogastroenterology. 2004 Jan-Feb;51(55):165-70.

Argon plasma coagulation versus injection sclerotherapy in peptic ulcer hemorrhage--a prospective, controlled study.

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Clinical Department of Internal Medicine Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia.



In Slovenia, the annual incidence of peptic ulcer hemorrhage is 118/100,000 inhabitants, with mortality up to 14%. Interventional endoscopy has largely reduced mortality in these patients. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy and safety of argon plasma coagulation and injection sclerotherapy in bleeding peptic ulcer.


A prospective, controlled study which includes 100 patients with peptic ulcer hemorrhage (male 63, female 37, av.age 57.1 years, SD+/-16, span 26-80; gastric ulcer 50 patients, duodenal ulcer 50 patients) in the period between 1.01.1999 and 15.05.2000 treated in our institution. The bleeding activity was determined according to the Forrest classification. Fifty patients were randomized to receive argon plasma coagulation (ARCO 2000 ES unit, group A) and in fifty patients injection sclerotherapy (sclerosing with diluted adrenalin 1:10,000 plus polidocanol 1%, group B) was performed. The groups did not differ with respect to age, sex, site, severity of bleeding, use of NSAID and additional diseases.


Clinically and endoscopically diagnosed rebleeding occured in 7/50 patients (14%) in group A and in 9/50 patients (18%) in group B; p=0.78. The majority of rebleeding occured within 48 hours after endoscopic hemostasis, group A 4-/7 (57.1%), group B 7/9 (77.7%), p = 0.74. Repeated endoscopic hemostasis did not prove successful in 8 patients (group A 3/50, 6%, group B 5/50, 10%), p=0.71. Seven patients were treated operatively. The total mortality rate was 9% (9/100 patients, group A 4/50, 8%, group B 5/50, 10%), p>0.05. Only one patient died due to peptic ulcer hemorrhage, other 8 patients died due to concomitant diseases.


Argon plasma coagulation seems to be an effective and safe alternative to other hemostatic modalities in peptic ulcer hemorrhage.

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