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Plasmid. 2004 Mar;51(2):87-100.

Molecular characterization of three plasmids from Bifidobacterium longum.

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Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Université Laval, Canada.


The complete nucleotide sequences for pNAC1 (3538bp) from strain RW048 as well as for pNAC2 (3684bp) and pNAC3 (10,224bp) from strain RW041 of Bifidobacterium longum were determined. The largest ORF (repB) of pNAC1 encodes a putative protein similar to those involved in a rolling-circle (RC) replication mechanism, which was confirmed by demonstration of single-strand intermediates in the host cell. The putative RepB gene product of pNAC2 is most similar to the replication protein of pDOJH10L and pKJ36. A second gene (mob) is similar to mobilization proteins involved in conjugation. Plasmid pNAC3 is the largest bifidobacterial plasmid to be sequenced to date. Of the eight putative gene products coded by pNAC3, one is similar to replication proteins (RepB), and another (Orf2) to putative transfer proteins (Tra). Bifidobacterial plasmids were divided into five groups based on Rep amino acid sequence homology and the results suggest a new plasmid family for B. longum.

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