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J Physiol Biochem. 2003 Sep;59(3):183-91.

Effects of a beta3-adrenergic agonist on the immune response in diet-induced (cafeteria) obese animals.

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  • 1Dept. of Physiology and Nutrition, University of Navarra, 31008 Pamplona, Spain.


Molecules with affinity for beta3-adrenoceptors are not only effective anti-obesity agents in rodent models, but may play a role in the regulation of the immune response. The aim of the current investigation was to analyse the effects of trecadrine on the immune response in diet-induced (cafeteria) obese rats. Male Wistar rats were divided into 2 groups, the control group (C, n=9) was fed with the standard pelleted chow laboratory diet, while the other group was fed with a high-fat (cafeteria) diet. Cafeteria-fed rats were divided into two new subgroups (n=9 each), which received either i.p. saline (obese, O) or trecadrine (1mg/kg/day) (obese+trecadrine, O+T) daily for 5 weeks. Lymphocyte subpopulations and the proliferative response were determined by validated procedures. The administration of trecadrine was able to prevent the onset of obesity in cafeteria-fed rats. Trecadrine-treatment to obese animals appeared to improve the number of lymphocyte subpopulations (CD4+ and CD8+) as compared to those animals only receiving the high-fat diet, being the values of the trecadrine-treated animals on the high-fat diet similar to the control rats. However, the lymphoproliferative response when stimulated with several mitogens was markedly reduced by the cafeteria intake and was further decreased by the beta3-adrenergic administration. The spleen mRNA expression level of UCP2, PPARgamma and Ob-Rb were not affected by the trecadrine treatment. Summing up, at the immune system level, trecadrine administration increased the proportion of CD4+ spleen lymphocytes, although it was not able to restore the lymphocyte proliferative response which was depressed.

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