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Eur J Orthod. 2004 Feb;26(1):51-7.

The effect of a modified reverse headgear force applied with a facebow on the dentofacial structures.

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Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Selçuk, Konya, Turkey.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of a modified reverse headgear force applied with a facebow on the dentofacial structures of patients with skeletal Class III malocclusions characterized by maxillary retrognathism. Thirty individuals before the pubertal peak and in the mixed dentition were selected. Fifteen subjects (seven males, eight females, mean age 9.2 years) who formed the treatment group were compared with a control group comprising seven males and eight females (mean age 8.6 years). Maxillary deficiency and negative overjet were noted in all individuals included in the treatment and control groups. The combination of a full coverage maxillary removable appliance and an embedded facebow was used for treatment. The outer arms of the facebow were bent to deliver the force through the approximate centre of resistance of the maxilla. Extra-oral elastics extended from the reverse headgear to the outer arms of the facebow. Statistical analysis indicated significant changes in angles SNA, NV-A, SV-ANS, SV-PNS and PP measurements, suggesting that the maxilla moved anteriorly. There was, however, no statistically significant difference in SN-MP, SN-PP and MP-PP measurements between the treatment and control groups. These results suggest that there was no maxillary or mandibular rotation, but that the molars moved mesially in the protraction group. The U6-PP(V) dimension did not display significant differences between the pre- and post-treatment measurements in the treated group. Anterior movement of the maxilla was obtained without rotation of the jaws and upper and lower maxillary heights were unaffected.

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