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Microbiology. 2004 Mar;150(Pt 3):571-80.

The fifth gene of the iol operon of Bacillus subtilis, iolE, encodes 2-keto-myo-inositol dehydratase.

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Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Life Science and Biotechnology, Fukuyama University, 985 Sanzo, Higashimura-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 729-0292, Japan.


The myo-inositol catabolism pathway of Bacillus subtilis has not been fully characterized but was proposed to involve step-wise multiple reactions that finally yielded acetyl-CoA and dihydroxyacetone phosphate. It is known that the iolABCDEFGHIJ operon is responsible for the catabolism of inositol. IolG catalyses the first step of myo-inositol catabolism, the dehydrogenation of myo-inositol, producing 2-keto-myo-inositol (inosose). The second step was thought to be the dehydration of inosose. Genetic and biochemical analyses of the iol genes led to the identification of iolE, encoding the enzyme for the second step of inositol catabolism, inosose dehydratase. The reaction product of inosose dehydratase was identified as D-2,3-diketo-4-deoxy-epi-inositol.

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