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Can J Psychol. 1992 Sep;46(3):319-41.

Object identification in context: the visual processing of natural scenes.

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University of Alberta.


When we view a natural visual scene, we seem able to determine effortlessly the scene's semantic category, constituent objects, and spatial relations. How do we accomplish this visual-cognitive feat? The commonly held explanation is known as the schema hypothesis, according to which a visual scene is rapidly identified as a member of a semantic category, and predictions generated from the scene category are then used to aid subsequent object identification. In this paper I will first outline and offer a critique of the evidence that has been taken to support the schema hypothesis. I will then offer an alternative framework for understanding scene processing, which I will call the local-processing hypothesis. This hypothesis assumes a modular, informationally-encapsulated architecture, and explicitly includes the role of covert visual attention in scene processing.

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