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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1992 Dec 30;189(3):1553-60.

Identification of NGF-response element in the rat neuropeptide Y gene and induction of the binding proteins.

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Department of Pharmacology I, Osaka University Medical School, Japan.


Gene expression of the rat neuropeptide Y (NPY) increases by 100 times, as the PC12 cells differentiate into sympathetic neuron-like cells with NGF treatment and this increase is partly due to transcriptional activation of the NPY gene (Sabol and Higuchi, Mol. Endocrinol. 4, 384, 1990). To identify the NGF-response element, a transient expression assay was carried out by using the CAT reporter genes containing various lengths of the 5' upstream region of the NPY gene in the PC12 cells. The 48-base element (-80/-33 upstream of the Cap site) was identified as a NGF-response element (NGFRE). Gel shift assay indicated the existence of at least two DNA-binding proteins to NGFRE. The binding activity of the protein(s) (NDF1) to the upper region (-80/-63) was increased by 3-fold with NGF treatment for 24 h. These findings suggest that these nuclear proteins are involved in the enhanced transcription of the NPY gene by NGF.

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