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Biochem J. 2004 May 15;380(Pt 1):105-10.

Expression and characterization of recombinant fungal acetyl-CoA carboxylase and isolation of a soraphen-binding domain.

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Cropsolution, Inc., P.O. Box 14069, Research Triangle Park, NC 27560, USA.


Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) catalyses the first step in fatty-acid biosynthesis. Owing to its role in primary metabolism, ACC has been exploited as a commercial herbicide target and identified as a chemically validated fungicide target. In animals, ACC is also a key regulator of fat metabolism. This function has made ACC a prime target for the development of anti-obesity and anti-Type II diabetes therapeutics. Despite its economic importance, there is a lack of published information on recombinant expression of ACC. We report here the expression of enzymically active fungal (Ustilago maydis ) ACC in Escherichia coli. The recombinant enzyme exhibited Km values of 0.14+/-0.013 mM and 0.19+/-0.041 mM for acetyl-CoA and ATP respectively, which are comparable with those reported for the endogenous enzyme. The polyketide natural product soraphen is a potent inhibitor of the BC (biotin carboxylase) domain of endogenous fungal ACC. Similarly, recombinant ACC activity was inhibited by soraphen with a K(i) of 2.1+/-0.9 nM. A truncated BC domain that included amino acids 2-560 of the full-length protein was also expressed in E. coli. The isolated BC domain was expressed to higher levels, and was more stable than full-length ACC. Although incapable of enzymic turnover, the BC domain exhibited high-affinity soraphen binding (Kd 1.1+/-0.3 nM), demonstrating a native conformation. Additional BC domains from the phytopathogenic fungi Magnaporthe grisea and Phytophthora infestans were also cloned and expressed, and were shown to exhibit high-affinity soraphen binding. Together, these reagents will be useful for structural studies and assay development.

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