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Chem Commun (Camb). 2003 Dec 21;(24):3034-5.

Facile fabrication of 2-dimensional arrays of sub-10 nm single crystalline Si nanopillars using nanoparticle masks.

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Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science PO Box 102, Yuseong, Daejeon, 305-600, Korea.


A simple procedure for the fabrication of sub-10 nm scale Si nanopillars in a 2-D array using reactive ion etching with 8 nm Co nanoparticles as etch masks is demonstrated. The obtained Si nanopillars are single crystalline tapered pillar structures of 5 nm (top) x 8 nm (bottom) with a density of approximately 4 x 10(10) pillars cm(-2) on the substrate, similar to the density of Co nanoparticles distributed before the ion etching process. The uniform spatial distribution of the Si nanopillars can also be patterned into desired positions. Our fabrication method is straightforward and requires mild process conditions, which can be extended to patterned 2-D arrays of various Si nanostructures.


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