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Int J Cancer. 2004 Feb 10;108(4):558-63.

Immunoscreening of a cDNA library from a lung cancer cell line using autologous patient serum: Identification of XAGE-1b as a dominant antigen and its immunogenicity in lung adenocarcinoma.

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Department of Immunology, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry, Okayama, Japan.


By serologic identification of antigens by recombinant expression cloning (SEREX) analysis using an autologous lung adenocarcinoma cell line, OU-LU-6, as a cDNA library source, we demonstrated that XAGE-1 was the dominant antigen recognized by serum from a patient. By immunoscreening, we obtained 38 positive cDNA clones consisting of 16 genes designated as OY-LC-1 to -OY-LC-16. OY-LC-1, represented by 18 clones, was identical to XAGE-1. OY-LC-2 to -16, represented by either a single or 2 clones, were identical to known genes shown to be ubiquitously expressed in various normal tissues. RT-PCR analysis showed that of 4 XAGE-1 transcripts-XAGE-1a, b, c and d-XAGE-1b was expressed in OU-LU-6 dominantly. Furthermore, XAGE-1b mRNA was expressed in 4 of 10 lung cancer tissues, whereas no expression was observed in normal tissues. Of 4 XAGE-1b mRNA positive cancer tissues, 3 were adenocarcinoma and one was poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Of 32 sera from lung cancer patients, 8 sera were reactive with the XAGE-1b product. Those 8 sera were from patients with adenocarcinoma. These findings indicated strong immunogenicity of XAGE-1b in lung adenocarcinoma and suggested its potential use as a target for vaccine-based immunotherapies.

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